Art Mentoring

I'm thrilled to announce that I will be opening up three spots for 1:1 Art Mentoring.
This opportunity is for passionate, self-driven artists with drawing skills/art experience under their belt, who are looking to fine tune their artistic voice, expand their mindset, & take their art to the next level.
We will meet in person in my home-studio in Springville, UT.
$50/session, four 90 min sessions total.

I've been doing art for 10 years now & creating full-time for a few years. I specialize in intuitive, mixed-media paintings of women, laced with an ethereal spark.

Are you ready for a challenge? Maybe you’re feeling blocked creatively, or you’re just not sure what you need to do to improve?

As a "self-taught" artist, I believe that all it really takes to improve is

  • a consistent practice (lots of time, hard work, patience, & dedication)

  • a deep passion & love for what you’re doing (a strong why/connection to a higher purpose)

  • a deep love of learning & self-directed study

  • trusting in the process

I think it’s important to stay curious, & soak up learning wherever possible. You can get this from libraries, galleries/museums, & all the rad resources on the internet. I also have loved my time attending workshops in person & online. I think we all can use a little course correction from time to time. Everyone's path is different, & I find that it really helps to have an experienced mentor to help guide you through your unique path at the pivotal moments.

I'd love to help shift your mindset, introduce you to new ideas & techniques, & get you closer to where you want to be. We will talk about your art goals, & go through personalized exercises to help you loosen up & identify & connect with your artistic voice, all this while experimenting with new techniques & mediums. We will meet once every other week in 90 minute sessions. After 4 sessions, we will re-evaluate & look at how we can best serve you moving forward. 

Above all else, I will be looking for someone who is passionate, self-driven, & hard-working. You will get out of this what you put into it. Like a musician or an athlete, it just takes LOTS of diligent effort, time, mistakes, guidance, patience, & tenacity. Be prepared to put in the time outside of our sessions in order to really cultivate a practice in order to improve.

If you feel called to this, take about 15 minutes & fill out this application below.
From there we can discuss further if it'd be a good fit.
I look forward to potentially working with you! 💓

Name *
What experience do you have with art? Where are you at on your journey?
What mediums do you currently work with? What subject matter are you drawn to?
What are you curious to learn? What are you struggling with?
Be honest. ;) It's okay.
Send me a link to your art instagram, website, or a Dropbox/Google Drive folder with pictures of your current portfolio.

Haily’s Studio

Springville, UT
United States